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Meet people who listen to punk emo metal- whatever
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This is yet another add-a-friend community, but this one is targeted towards those who are interested in the many different subcultures on the music scene. Specifically: punk rock, metal, emo, industrial, indie, hardcore, alternative, rock, grunge, etc.

You don't have to be a "punk" or solely listen to punk to join. I don't care if you listen to punk or rock or metal or emo or industrial or indie or alternative or grunge or hardcore or just like the lifestyle. Whatever. I like punk. I like metal. And I like some rock. So don't go shitting on everyone's parade just because they don't live a punk rock lifestyle 24/7. Some people have lives other than worrying about what everyone else is listening to. Try it on for size.

The bands listed in the interest section are some bands that I thought were diverse enough to interest many different people. As you know, not everyone has the same interests, therefore I tried to cover a wide range of bands to somewhat satisfy everyone. Some of the bands that are listed I like - some of them I absolutely hate - actually fucking DESPISE. And YES, I DO know that some of the bands listed are METAL and not PUNK- Like I said above, I like metal, as do others - so fuck you. If you don't like the interests, then don't join the community.

So don't bitch to me if you're favorite band isn't listed. If you want, leave a comment asking if a band or interest can be added and if you're not a loud mouthed, uneducated prick, I'll think about it.

Punkmusic Community
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